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Twin Crystal Angled Compression Wave

  • In-depth ultrasonic probe inspection
  • Optimized for at various depths below the scanning surface
  • Durable steel case with top entry connectors
  • Supplied with a gimbal mounting point M4
  • Customizable angle and velocity with useful inspection range
  • Durable steel cased twin crystal compression wave transducers with top entry connectors
  • Standard package includes two (3mm Ø) couplant feed nozzles at the front either side of the probe wedge
  • Supplied with a gimbal mounting point M4 centrally on each of the 4 sides 10 mm from the contact face
Part Number Frequency F MHz Crystal Size Angle Ao Housing Size
TAC F/A/25 2, 4, 5 6 X 13 Customer to specify angle, velocity etc. (see below for local requirements) 25 X 25
TAC F/A/35 1, 2, 4, 5 8 X 15 30 X 30
TAC F/A/40 1, 2, 4 12 X 20 40 X 40
  • Flaw detection, defect sizing, thickness gaging, materials research reporting
  • Ultrasonic inspection of coarse-grained/attenuative materials such as duplex, stainless steel, and other microstructures
  • Detection of inter-granular stress corrosion cracking
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