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TunnelScan III

  • Automatic X-Y Scanner
  • 40in.x60in. (1.02mx1.52m)
  • Adjustable height Liquid feed

Works with:
Raptor Imaging flaw detector BondHub Bond testing C-scan

  • Standard package includes TunnelScan III, 15ft interface cable, AC power adapter
  • Large X-Y automated scanner
  • Adjustable height
  • Liquid feed
  • Works on flat or curved surfaces
  • Compatible with Raptor C-scan imaging
  • Works in immersion tanks
Physical / Case Weight 60lb (27.2kg)
  Dimensions (W x H x D) 70.5in. x 44.5in. x 12.8in. (1791mm x 1130mm x 325mm)
  Adjustable Height 0in. to 9 in.  (0mm to 230mm)
  Operating Temperature 15 °F to 105 °F (-10 °C to 40 °C)
  Case Construction Aluminum housing
  Attachment Rubber feet
  Cable length 15ft (4.57m) standard
Scan Scan Length X 60in. (1.52m), Y 40in (1.01m)
  Scan Resolution 0.02in. (0.51mm)
  Scan Speed 8in. /s (203mm/s)
  Minimum Radius Flat or slightly curved panels
Operation   Motorized Directional control 
    Liquid Feed
Power Source Power Source AC power
Certification Certification Factory Calibration
Warranty Warranty 1 year
  • Corrosion inspection
  • Composite inspection
  • Flaw detection
  • Thickness measurements
  • Immersion Testing
  • Range of Transducers

Available Accessories

  • NovaScope 6000

    • Class leading ultra thin spatial resolution
    • High-Resolution (0.0001in, 0.0025mm)
    • Multi-probe capability
    • Touchscreen controls
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  • Portable couplant tank

    Manually pressurized, 1.3 gallon capacity
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  • Transducers

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