Corrosion Thickness Gauges Built to Last



NDT Systems manufactures a complete range of high-quality corrosion thickness gauges adapted for almost every application and material. Instant and repeatable measurements can be made in a non-destructive way with access needed from only one side of the material. With a ruggedized aluminum construction and small and ergonomic size, our thickness gauges are renowned for ease of use and longevity in the field. Our more advanced packages offer some unique features and have unparalleled precision while staying cost effective. All gauges come with key features included as standard, giving the best price for the performance without the surprise of hidden costly options.

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• Powerful, Lightweight and Portable Thickness Gauge
• High Measurement Accuracy
• Easy-to-Use Interface
• Multiple Operating Display Modes Including Control, A-Scan and B-Scan
• Multiple Measurement Modes Including ECHO, DUAL ECHO and PEAK-to-PEAK


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