RCA-10 & RCA-18

Magnetic Wheeled X-Y Cantilever Scanner

A choice between our RCA-10 or RCA-18 automated scanners is included with our portable Raptor Corrosion Inspection System (CIS). The only difference is the length of the scan arm. The powerful rare-earth magnetic wheels allow for 360-degree inspection of pipes and tank walls. Control bundle umbilicals are available in a variety of lengths for the most demanding applications while the standard 3-meter (~15’) umbilical covers most requirements.

Custom lengths are available upon request.

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  • Standard package includes RCA-10 scanner, RBCU-1 battery control unit, 8ft interface cable and AC charger
  • Automated X-Y motorized scanner
  • Magnetic attachment cantilever armed scanner
  • Directional Control keypad on scanner
  • Magnetic Wheels
  • Liquid feed
  • Adaptive gimbal for improved probe contact
  • Optional Cable length
  • Battery operation
  • Compatible with Raptor C-scan imaging


Physical / Case Weight RCA-10: 9.5lb (4.3kg)
RCA-18: 11lb (5.0kg)
Dimensions (W x H x D) RCA-10:  22.0in. x 4.0in. x 5.5in. (559mm x 102mm x 140mm)
RCA-18:  30.0in. x 4.0in. x 5.5in. (762mm x 102mm x 140mm)
Operating Temperature 15 °F to 105 °F (-10 °C to 40 °C)
Case Construction Aluminium housing
Attachment method Magnetic wheels
Cable length 8ft (2.44m) standard, 12ft (3.65m) or 15ft (4.57m) up to 100ft (30m) optional
Scan Scan Length RCA-10:  10″ (254mm)
RCA-18:  18″ (457mm)
Scan Resolution X 0.040in. (1.0mm), Y 0.020in (0.5mm)
Scan Speed Y 8in./s, X 0.25in./s (Y 203mm/s, X 6.35mm/s)
Minimum Radius 4in. to flat (100mm to flat)
Operation Motorized Directional control (software and scanner mounted keypad)
Liquid Feed
Power Source Power Source Battery Operated from external RBCU-1 Battery control unit or AC
Battery life 10 hours
Certification Certification Factory Calibration
Warranty Warranty 1 year


  • Corrosion inspection
  • Pipes, elbows, storage tanks


  • Battery Pack
  • Longer cables
  • Range of transducers
  • Probe holders and inserts
  • External Battery charger and Reconditioning unit



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