Novascope 6000

Powerful Thickness Gauge Solution for Difficult Applications

The Novascope 6000 is an all-digital portable ultra-high precision thickness gauging instrument. Currently on its sixth generation, the Novascope series has been in use since the 1980s by top airfoil manufacturers and reconditioning and cast structural manufacturing facilities worldwide. With easy-to-use touchscreen controls, class leading ultra-thin spatial resolution, and high resolution (.0001in, .0025mm), it tackles the most challenging thickness gauging applications. It features a brilliant color display that offers a clear and precise waveform even in the most difficult lighting conditions. The latest version is backward compatible and allows the Novascope 6000 to be a direct drop-in replacement. Computer-based data transfer software comes included as a standard feature.

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  • 0.0001″ (0.0025 mm) digital resolution; as low as 0.010″ (0.254 mm) thickness resolution
  • Compatible with contact, delay line or immersion transducers
  • Dual-Trace display; A-Trace and gates
  • Displays English or Metric units
  • Velocity display (quartz-stabilized, digital)
  • Full RF or rectified RF display
  • Selectable multiple echo interval
  • Receiver attenuation control plus manual gain and Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
  • TAC (Thickness Amplitude Compensation) for noise suppression
  • Outputs: Alarms, USB, Serial RS-232C, Micro HDMI


Dimensional ReadoutEnglish and Metric
Gaging Range English: 0.005-10 inches;
Metric 0.13-100 mm (depending upon material)
Digital ResolutionEnglish Units± 0.0001″ on 1″ range
± 0.001″ on 10″ range
Metric Units± 0.001 mm on 10 mm range
± 0.01 mm on 100 mm range
Measuring ModeSets mode for contact, delay line or immersion transducers
Readout ModeSelects digital display for thickness or velocity
PulserRisetime5 ns
Amplitude150, 250, 400 volts
Peak into 50 Ohms
Repetition rate625, 1250, 2,500, 5000 Hz
Damping15 to 520 Ohms – 1 Ohm increments
ReceiverAdjustable gain100 dB
Automatic gain control100 dB dynamic range
RejectVariable threshold to full scale
BandwidthBandwidth30 MHz (3 dB down)
AttenuatorAttenuator0, 10, and 20 dB selectable
A-Trace DisplaySweep widthSwitchable down to 50 ns/Div
Continuously adjustable
Sweep delay1 ms to 80 ms
DisplayDual Trace; A-Trace plus selectable
Gate Traces (IP, IF, T or TAC)
Display modesFull wave RF, positive or negative
T-GateThickness gate with adjustable sync
T-Gate Start/StopSelectable on positive or negative half cycles
IP-Gate0.25 to 20 ms (contact), 1.0 to 0 ms (continued) (delay or immersion)
IF-Gate0.1 to 8.0 ms
TAC-GateAdjustable thickness amplitude
Compensation of gain
Start control: 0.02 to 6 ms
Amplitude control: 0 to 100 dB
Slope control: 0.1 to 50 ms
AlarmsThree functions: LO, HI, LO/HI
OutputsAlarms, Serial RS-232C, IP Sync and USB
InputsExternal sync
Power SourcePower SourceBattery & AC
Power Consumption50 Watts
WarrantyOne year




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