IxMF Series

Immersion Transducers – High Gain

  • Five housing styles are available:
    • A-style housing – “Pencil Case”
    • B-style housing – “Slim Case”
    • C-style housing – “High Power Case”
    • D-style housing – “Boomer Case”
    • E-style housing – “Right Angle Case”
  • Immersion Transducer Options:
    • Spherical or Cylindrical Focus
      • A spherical focus allows to actively define the focal length of the transducer, and let the focus be as close to the shape of a point as possible.
      • A cylindrical focus shapes the focus a transducer to the shape of a line at a specified distance from the transducer face.
      • Both focus variations increase sensitivity of the detection of small discontinuities and enhance near-surface resolution and flaw depth discrimination.
    • Slip-on Angle Reflectors
      • For a select number of transducers, NDT Systems offers slip-on right-angle reflectors to direct the sound beam over a 90 degree turn before being emitted into the immersion tank.

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