Curlin Air

Contactless Air-Coupled Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

The portable Curlin Air utilizes air-coupled ultrasonics and requires no surface preparation and no direct contact with test object. It performs sensitive inspections to detect voids, impact damage, and disbonds in a wide variety of water-incompatible materials. Originally used primarily for aerospace composites, the Curlin Air is referenced specifically by major aerospace manufacturers in their published inspection procedures. It has since evolved to evaluate a diverse range of materials including propellants and wood and foam panels.

Air-coupled ultrasonic techniques are used when testing sensitive materials which are at risk of contamination during the testing processes or in situations when the cost of removing special coatings from the material to be tested is impractical. Wetting agents or powders typically used in conventional ultrasonic testing can lead to degradation of sensitive components.

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  • Standard package includes instrument, Pelican style shipping case, manual, batteries and AC charger
  • Remarkable penetrating power
  • Through transmission, non-contact
  • A-trace display
  • Alarm: adjustable trigger level, audible and visual
  • Adjustable range, delay and gain


Physical / Case Weight 6.3lb (2.9kg)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 10.20in. x 5.75in. x 4.50in. (259mm x 146mm x 114mm)
Operating Temperature 32 °F to 140 °F (0 °C to 60 °C)
Case Construction Aluminum body, rubber clad
Connector type Lemo
Keypad Keypad construction Tactile membrane feedback keys
Operational Modes Through Transmission air-coupled UT
Freq range 50kHz
Cable length 6ft (1.83m) standard
Power Source Power Source 5x D-sized NiMH or alkaline
Battery life 8 hours (NiMH) or 16 hours (alkaline)
Display Display type High-speed LCD
Display size 4.75in. x 3.50 (121mm x 89mm)
Certification Certification Factory Calibration
Warranty Warranty 1 year
Measurements Thickness Range 1in. to 200in. (0.025m to 5.08m) in Air
Delay 0in. to 199in. (0m to 5.05m) in Air
Material Velocity Range 0.005 to 0.750in./μs (0.13 to 19.05mm/μs)
Gain 115dB
Pulse length Adjustable cycles in tone-burst
Memory Data Logger 50 setups


  • Composites
  • Foam core laminates
  • Glass fiber/ carbon fiber composites
  • Far-side defects
  • Bonded honeycomb structures
  • Construction materials:
  • Drywall, plywood, particleboard, cement
  • Structural urethane foam


  • Probes
  • Yoke


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