Precision Thickness Gauge for High Performance Automotive Applications

NDT Systems developed this special thickness gauge for the automotive restoration and racing industry. Today, it is used in consumer car, construction, and motorcycle engine departments across the globe. This instrument provides these manufacturers and repair facilities with the confidence that their respective manufacturing processes are accurate and meeting quality standards, allowing them to better manage risk.

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  • Dual Element: Can only use double element probes
  • Alarm Mode: Alarm mode on limits
  • Auto Zero: Can automatically zero thickness
  • Adjustable Gain: Gain can be adjusted
  • Data Logging: Data logging in gauge
  • Scrolling B-Scan Displays Time based B-scan
  • Variable Units: Change between mm/ inch
  • Multi-Probe: Can use multiple probe types
  • Handheld: Designed for handheld use
  • Data Transfer: Can be connected to PC
  • USB Connectivity: USB port
  • Auto Probe Recognition: Automatically recognizes probe type
  • Adjustable Velocity: Velocity can be adjusted
  • Point Calibration: Single & Two point calibration
  • Min/ Max Mode: Measures max and min thickness
  • Cylinder Bore: Automatic cylinder bore inspection mode

Additional features:

  • Standard package includes cable, transducer and Pelican style shipping/ storage case
  • Engine data log mode
  • Backlight – on/off/auto
  • Single and two point calibration
  • Coupling Indicator
  • Differential mode. Deviation from defined thickness.
  • Time encoded B-scan (cross-sectional scan view)
  • Direct Velocity measurement (option)
  • Miniature sonic checker


  • Cylinder Bore Cross Section
  • Cylinder Bore wall thickness
  • Port wall thickness


  • Leather slip-on instrument case
  • HAMMER Cylinder Bore Inspection System
  • Miniature swivel sensor assembly
  • Data transfer cable and software

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