Thickness Gauges

NDT Systems manufactures a complete range of corrosion and precision thickness gauges for all industries and common non-destructive testing applications. These gauges address virtually all materials including metals, glass, carbon reinforced composites, plastics, and rubber. They provide reliable and repeatable inspections with very high accuracy.

Complex geometries are addressed with a wide range of transducers to gather the best reading. This capability allows for the most accurate and precise measurement on each test object. A-Scan data is also avaible on some of the thickness gauges.

Our hand-held thickness gauges are rugged in construction while small and ergonomic in size, and renowned for ease of use and longevity in the field. Data logging or sampling specific gauges can be designed to meet your application needs. Data transfer software from the instruments to a PC is also available.

NDT Systems’ comprehensive thickness gauge offerings have proven to be very efficient and cost effective for customers. Whether you are measuring corrosion or erosion in pipes and tanks or cast airfoils for use in jet aircraft engines, we offer a thickness gauge solution which will meet your requirements.

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