NDT Systems manufactures a complete range of manual and automated industrial X-Y precision scanners. Our scanners are made to order and cover a wide variety of in-field and production applications including pipeline and storage tank corrosion mapping, aircraft inspection, flat or curved composite panel inspection, immersion tank applications, and more. Standard solutions can inspect small pipes up to flat plates and perform on-aircraft inspections via strong magnetic wheels or on-board vacuum systems. All our scanners are ruggedly constructed and battery operated for maximum portability.

Our scanners are built to work with our Raptor Flaw Detector and BondHub II Imaging Bond Tester but may also be used with other manufacturers’ equipment, including Phased-Array (PAUT) instruments. All our scanners are affordable, robust, and high quality, with a full line of accessories available including water pumps, probe holders, and extended cables for more challenging inspections.

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