Flaw Detectors

The miniature handheld Avenger flaw detector comes with all features as standard at a very low price. The robust aluminum casing with rubber end caps and its small and ergonomic design give this battery powered instrument long lasting value.

For the latest in imaging technology, the Raptor imaging flaw detector adds an enhanced color display and the ability to drive scanners for A, B, and C-scan results. The Raptor is a unique instrument on the market with its C-scan and 3D imaging capability, battery operation, and ability to drive manual or automatic scanners despite its small size, all for the price of a mainstream flaw detector without imaging.

For American Welding Society standards (AWS), we offer the Avenger AWS and corresponding AWS probes with the weld trigonometry pre-loaded on the instrument.

The Avenger and the Raptor flaw detectors are used throughout the aerospace, oil and gas, power generation, and transportation industries.