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Plastic Gimbol Sled

Enlarged view of plastic Gimbol Sled.

  • Color Scan imaging capability when used with NDT Systems' PortaScan.
  • 0.0001 " (0.0025mm) digital resolution; as low as 0.005"(0.127 mm) thickness resolution.
  • Compatible with contact, delay line or immersion transducers.
  • Dual-trace display; A-Trace and gates.
  • Displays English or Metric units.
  • Velocity display (quartz-stabilized, digital).
  • Full RF or rectified RF display.
  • Selectable multiple echo interval.
  • Receiver attenuation control plus manual gain and automatic gain control (AGC).
  • TAC (Thickness Amplitude Compensation), for noise suppression.
  • Outputs: Alarms, Analog Thickness, Digital
  • High Speed Binary, Serial RS-232C, IP Sync, and PortaScan.
  • Input: External Sync.
Digital Display Four Digit (LED), with 0.2 Second Update
Dimensional Readout English and Metric (Selector Switch)
Gaging Range English: 0.005-10 inches Metric 0. 13-100 mm (Depending Upon Material)
Digital Resolution English Units
   ±0.0001 " on 1 " Range
   ±0.001 " on 10" Range
Metric Units
   ±0.001mm on 10 mm Range
   ±0.01mm on 100 mm Range
Measuring Mode Sets Mode for Contact, Delay Line or Immersion Transducers
Readout Mode Selects Digital Display for Thickness or Velocity
Pulser Risetime
5 to 10 ns into 50 Ohms (Depending on Pulser Voltage)
Selectable for 90, 150, or 300 Volts
Peak into 50 Ohms
Repetition Rate
Selectable for 625, 1200, 2500 or
5000 Hz
15 to 350 Ohms
Receiver Adjustable Gain
Automatic Gain Control
40 dB Dynamic Range
Variable Threshold to Full Scale
30 MHZ (6 dB down),
20 MHZ (3dB down)
0, 10, and 20 dB Selectable
A-Trace Display Sweep Width Switchable down to 50 ns/Div Continuously Adjustable
Sweep Delay - 1 ms to 80 ms
Display - Dual Trace; A-Trace plus Selectable
Gate Traces (IP, IF, T or TAC)
Display Modes - Full Wave RF, Positive or Negative
T-Gate Thickness Gate with Adjustable Sync
T-Gate Start/Stop Selectable on Positive or Negative Half Cycles
IP-Gate 0.25 to 20 ms (Contact), 1.0 to 0 ms (Delay or Immersion)
IF Gate 0.1 to 8.0 ms
TAC-Gate Adjustable thickness Amplitude Compensation of Gain:
   Start Control0.02 to 6 ms
   Amplitude Control 0 to 17 dB
   Slope Control0.1 to 50 ms
Alarms Three functions: LO, HI, LO/Hl
Outputs Alarms, Analog Thickness, Digital High Speed Binary, Serial RS-232C, IP Sync and PortaScan
Inputs External Sync
Power Source
Switchable Between Nominal 115VAC (95-128) and Nominal 230VAC (185-250) 48 to 440 Hz
Power Consumption
70 Watts
5.4"H x 12.9" W x 17.2 D
(137 x 328 x 437mm)
18.2 lbs. (8.3 kg)
Warranty One Year
Rating: Not Rated Yet