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Nova 800

The Nova 800 Series takes on a technologically advanced approach to ultrasonic thickness gaging. With its ultra-advanced monolithic integrated circuit chip and mirocomputerized technology features, high-precision thickness gaging have significantly reached optimum performance that best suit diverse industries in terms of application level, gaging conditions, and user preference.

With the outstanding AutoSet automatic probe recognition feature, the Nova 800 Series (including the four prime models: Nova 800, Nova 800+, Nova 810, and Nova 810+) automatically optimizes the transducer damping, pulser and receiver characteristics, logic and gating functions, thickness read-out range, and gaging precision. Additional features such as advanced pulser-receiver, high-performance power supply, velocity control and on-board data logger have made this microcomputer-controlled gauge recommended for use in metals, plastics, composites, glass and rubber gaging applications.

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