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NDT Systems Launches New Phoenix Ultrasonic Transducers

on Wednesday, 22 October 2014. Posted in News & Events

NDT Systems Launches New Phoenix Ultrasonic Transducers

NDT Systems is proud to introduce its newest offering, a trio of advanced ultrasonic transducers for composite testing and inspection. This latest lineup features Phoenix’s premier high-performance ultrasonic transducers, namely: the Twin Crystal Angle Compression Wave, Creep Wave, and Flex Series transducers.

All three are engineered with cutting-edge ultrasound transmission capability to deliver optimum performance in virtually every type of in-depth ultrasonic inspection, among similar non-destructive testing applications.

Built with customizable angle, velocity, and vast inspection range, the twin crystal angle compression wave and creep wave transducers redefines the standards for precision and performance in flaw detection, defect sizing, thickness gaging, and materials research reporting protocols. These robust and reliable transducers are all integrally geared to provide in-depth ultrasonic inspection for coarse-grained or attenuating materials such as duplex, stainless steel, and other microstructures.

Compatible with any standard ultrasonic testing equipment, the Flex Series transducers also offers the best solution for intensive composite inspection on radius areas as well as complex and curved geometries in metals’ weld cap areas and castings. This type of transducer is equipped with an excellent bandwidth for high-resolution operations in single element (FFSC), dual element (FFTC), composite single element (CFFSC), and composite dual element (CFFTC) formats.

NDT Systems takes pride in its array of state-of-the-art ultrasonic and bond testing transducers, which now include these three new additions. Browse through the new products detail pages for complete details:


To learn more about NDT Systems’ wide range of transducers from single and dual element contact to angle beam, dual element and more, visit today.