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Corrosion Inspection

Corrosion Inspection Solution

  • For pipes, elbows, pressure vessels & storage tanks
  • Fast survey mode (J scan)
  • Precision x-y scanner
  • Raptor + Armadillo + RCA 10
  • Imaging & 3D modeling

TG110 - DL

  • Class leading performance for the price
  • Auto Probe Recognition
  • Time encoded B-scan
  • Multi-probe capability
  • USB, data logging, alarm modes
dual-element alarm-mode differential-mode auto-zero
adjustable-gain data-logging scrolling-b-scans variable-units
multiprobe handheld usb auto-probe-recognition
adjustable-velocity point-calibration min-max

Avenger EZ

  • Lightweight, handheld
  • Multi gate capability
  • Split-screen, A-trace, B-scan
  • Automatic probe recognition
  • USB, alarm modes


  • A, B, C-scan Imaging
  • Drives range of scanners
  • Auto probe recognition
  • Multiple probe capability
  • Color display, portable

Repair and Calibration

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