BondHub New Product Release

NDT Systems Unveils its Latest Product, the World-Class BondHub Bond Testing Technology with C-scan Imaging

NDT Systems is pleased to announce the launch of the newest addition to an array of innovative bond testers for composite inspection, the BondHub Imaging Bond Tester. Engineered with fully automatic C-scan imaging capability, this world’s pioneer multimode imaging bond testing equipment optimizes the conventional inspection of composite materials and adhesively bonded structures.

With its full compatibility to the Bondascope 3100, manual and automatic scanners, as well as other leading-edge bond testers, the BondHub imaging system takes non-desctructive composite inspection to the next level. This fully featured C-scan imaging-capable bond tester also utilizes Resonance, Pitch-Catch, and Mechanical Impedance (MIA) operating modes to generate high-resolution C-scan images as well as optimize image analysis, defect sizing, multiple gates post processing, jog-to-position capacity, and data reporting prior to simple export via USB.

Dedicated to world-class excellence in ultrasonic innovations, NDT Systems innovatively designed the new BondHub bond tester with C-scan imaging to deliver superior composite inspection for a diverse range of applications such as multilayered laminates, glass fiber or carbon fiber composites, honeycomb and foam cores, metal-to- metal bonding, and sandwich construction. This composite inspection device also detects damages including delaminations, disbonds, crushed core, skin-to-core flaws, far-side defects, impact damages, and liquid ingress, among others.

The BondHub bond testing package comes with a Pelican style case, batteries, AC charger (110-240V), and comprehensive user manual. Other technical specifications include Windows 7 operating system, 1GHz processor, 128GB solid state HDD, CompVue software, quick release keyboard and mouse, and 12” sun-readable display, making it one of today’s unparalleled and advanced bond testers and C-scan imaging analysis instruments available.

NDT Systems offers top-of-the-line bond testers for wide-ranging composite inspection applications including the BondHub multimode imaging bond testing system. Learn more about the BondHub package at or visit today to view NDT Systems’ other top-performing bond testers.