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Bond Testers

NDT Systems provides the most capable bond testers in the market for composite inspection on sandwich construction, laminates, multi-layered bonded structures, adhesively bonded fittings, highly attenuating materials and any construction that needs a high penetrating power. Bond testing C-scan imaging capability is now a reality with the new BondHub system.

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BondHub Bond Testing C-scan

  • Imaging Bond Tester
  • C-scan images in Resonance, Pitch-Catch and MIA modes
  • Compatible with all our scanners
  • Compatible with Bondascope 3100
  • Portable, battery operated, extensive image analysis

Bondascope 3100

  • Handheld Bond Tester
  • Pitch-catch, Mechanical Impedance (MIA) and Resonance modes
  • Programmable user setups
  • Automatic probe recognition
  • Alarm modes, impedance plane

Curlin Air

  • Air coupled UT
  • Non-contact, no surface preparation
  • Remarkable penetrating power
  • Alarm modes
  • Programmable user setups
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Repair and Calibration

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BondaScope 3100

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