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Weld Inspection

Weld Inspection

Welding is used to join two metal surfaces and is a key manufacturing process found extensively in nearly every industry.  Typically forming part of a structural component, welds are designed to meet certain criteria but their strength can easily be compromised by defects including cracks, voids, lack of fusion and changes in density which can all lead to failure.  Design codes detail acceptable defect sizes but welds must be regularly inspected to maintain the weld quality and integrity.

NDT Systems Inc offers the RAPTOR flaw detector and the hand-held Avenger EZ flaw detector for weld inspection with an AWS option.

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  • NovaScope 6000

    • Class leading ultra thin spatial resolution
    • High-Resolution (0.0001in, 0.0025mm)
    • Multi-probe capability
    • Touchscreen controls
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    • A, B, C-scan Imaging
    • Drives range of scanners
    • Auto probe recognition
    • Multiple probe capability
    • Color display, portable
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  • Avenger EZ

    • Lightweight, handheld
    • Multi gate capability
    • Split-screen, A-trace, B-scan
    • Automatic probe recognition
    • USB, data logging, alarm modes
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