Thickness Measurement

Industrial pipes which require ultrasonic thickness testingThe requirement for accurate thickness measurements is found across many industries including aerospace, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and food processing, either for quality control in manufacturing or in-service verification. Often, access is only available from one side and speed is critical.  The wall thickness of most materials including metals, composites, plastics and glass can be measured ultrasonically using a simple hand-held digital gauge.

In certain environments, a coating of paint or other non-metallic material may have been applied to protect the part, such as a pipe used in the petrochemical industry. In this case a conventional ultrasonic gauge would give measurement errors from the presence of the paint. However, with the correct gauge with through-paint mode, measurement through the paint is possible resulting in the correct wall thickness measurement underneath.

NDT Systems offers a range of standard and high-resolution thickness gauges with features including A-trace display, B-scan, automatic probe recognition, data logging and much more.

Large area thickness mapping (C-scan) can be achieved using our Raptor imaging flaw detector and range of scanners.

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