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Automotive Sonic Testing

Auto Sonic testing

Measuring the wall thickness of automotive cylinder bores, head ports and other components can be important for quality control in manufacturing or in a boring process where a minimum thickness must be maintained.  Cast aluminum or steel engine blocks can be difficult to inspect with complex geometry and limited access.  Ultrasonic thickness gauging allows for these measurements to be made.  With dedicated probes that are contoured to the shape of the cylinder or pencil probes to access tight spaces, thickness measurements can be made with confidence.

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  • NovaScope 6000

    • Class leading ultra thin spatial resolution
    • High-Resolution (0.0001in, 0.0025mm)
    • Multi-probe capability
    • Touchscreen controls
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  • CB110

    • Cylinder bore wall thickness
    • Data logging, results mapping
    • Scrolling scan view
    • Special probes and fixtures
    • USB, data logging, alarm modes
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