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Angle Beam Transducers

OPTIMA Quick Change Angle Beam Transducers & Wedges are ideally suited for use where access is limited, on relatively thin materials, or for more precise flaw location and evaluation. The quick change feature is convenient when it is necessary to use different transducer frequencies and /or refracted angle wedges during an inspection or evaluation.

Quick Change Transducers feature smaller size circular elements, higher frequencies and a one-quarter wave impedance matching epoxy face. The wear resistant transducer label is also frequency color coded for easy identification.

Quick Change Wedges combine our acoustically transmissive sound path material with an attenuating material in the direct path of the internally refracted sound beam. Along with internal wedge serrations and radiused external refracting surface, the wedges are permanently engraved with refracted beam angle, centerline, and a pair of closely spaced wear-surface parallel lines which show uneven wear and possible undesired changes in the refracted beam angle. This unique design, paired with NDT Systems' Quick Change Transducer, produces a highly noise-free transducer/wedge combination.

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