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Thickness Measurements

Turbine blade thickness, pipes and tubing, metal sheet processing, aerospace...

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Corrosion Inspection

Pipeline, pressure vessels, elbows, storage tanks

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Flaw Detection

Composites and metals used in aerospace, petrochemical oil and gas pipelines, storage...

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Weld Inspection

NDT Systems Inc offers the hand-held Avenger flaw detection solutions for weld...

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Composite Inspection

Composite thickness, bond line or inter-laminar flaw detection, delaminations, cracks...

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Bond Testing

Sandwich construction- skin to core disbonds, damaged core, far side defects.

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Automotive Sonic Testing

Measuring the wall thickness of automotive cylinder bores, head ports and other...

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Educational Solutions

Demonstrate the principles of thickness gauging in a single portable system.

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Featured Products

  • Curlin Air

    • Air coupled UT
    • Non-contact, no surface preparation
    • Remarkable penetrating power
    • Alarm modes
    • Programmable user setups
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  • Bondascope 3100

    • Handheld Bond Tester
    • Pitch-catch, Mechanical Impedance (MIA) and Resonance modes
    • Programmable user setups
    • Automatic probe recognition
    • Alarm modes, impedance plane
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    • A, B, C-scan Imaging
    • Drives range of scanners
    • Auto probe recognition
    • Multiple probe capability
    • Color display, portable
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  • Bondascope 350

    • Miniature Bond Tester
    • Only 1.8lb (0.82kg)
    • Pitch-catch & Resonance modes
    • Programmable user setups
    • Automatic probe recognition
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  • CB110

    • Cylinder bore wall thickness
    • Data logging, results mapping
    • Scrolling scan view
    • Special probes and fixtures
    • USB, data logging, alarm modes
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  • NDT Systems Introduces New Legacy Products

    NDT Systems Introduces New Legacy Products

    With more than four decades of providing state-of-the-art ultrasonic testing equipment in the U.S. non-destructive testing (NDT) market, NDT Systems is thrilled to introduce an all-new product lineup of their Legacy Products.

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